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focus for teams

Every team can be great!  Team performance is much more than the sum of it’s parts- its about chemistry, alignment, synchronization, focus and commitment.  No matter what your team wants to accomplish- FocusLab training can help. 

We work with all kinds of teams to get them to peak performance.  Through FocusLab training your team will:

  • Communicate better
  • Trust each other more
  • Execute consistently
  • Be more resilient
  • Respond faster to changing conditions
  • Reduce chaos and confusion
  • Achieve your goals

focus for individuals

focus for executives

The success of leaders in all types of organizations is ultimately based on their ability to articulate a vision and inspire/influence people in the organization to make that vision come to life, through their actions, commitment, and dedication.  Leadership is essentially about clarity and influence.

FocusLab training helps good and great leaders become excellent leaders by developing their skills and abilities in three specific areas.  These are:

  • Focus- The ability to focus, and sustain the focus of attention
  • Relaxation- Reduce stress levels in themselves, and in those around them. Maintain calm focus even when circumstances are difficult.
  • Connection- Establishing and maintaining genuine relationships with others

focus for performing artists

Actors, artists, musicians, singers and performers of all kinds practice the mechanics of their craft diligently in order to improve.  Our training targets the foundational skills of the mind that support excellence in the performing arts.
Our training will help you enhance:

  • Concentration
  • Connection with the audience
  • Confidence

The combination of technical expertise and expanded focus, concentration and attentiveness will help you rise to a new level of performance and mastery in your performing art.

focus for athletes

You train your body to achieve peak performance.  We help you train your mind to complement and expand your physical capability.

Our training for athletes will help you to:

  • Focus better and longer
  • Improve timing and coordination
  • Synchronize with teammates
  • Perform more efficiently

FocusLab training provides the critical competitive edge that distinguishes good athletes from great ones.

focus lab

FocusLab was developed by Simon Rakoff, Ph.D.  Doctor Rakoff has worked closely with elite athletes, performing artists, and senior executives to help them increase focus, relaxation and connection to others, and achieve peak performance.

Simon brings a unique and powerful combination of practical real world experience and a deep understanding of the theoretical and research foundations of the latest technologies in peak performance.  Simon is a former firefighter, paramedic, and technical rescue specialist.  As a career public safety professional he came to understand the importance of being able to be fully engaged, calm and aware in the most extreme situations.

Simon took the knowledge and experience he gained working in the public safety arena and translated them to skills for executive leaders, elite athletes and teams.  After leaving the fire department, he founded several companies in software, services and entertainment.  Since 2001 Simon has worked with a wide variety of teams and individuals helping them achieve peak performance. 

Doctor Rakoff holds a Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR) at George Mason University, and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. 

let us help you achieve your goals


FocusLab training has completely reshaped how I approach my passion for performing, acting and truly living life to its fullest potential.
Simon has a unique gift for teaching and translating the necessary tools to open the door to awareness and the incredible power of connecting the mind, body and will. There is no doubt that the work I have done with Simon has improved my self confidence, focus and ability to connect with my talents and gifts.

Simon has taught me what it means to breathe and slow down in this busy world filled with distractions. Simon’s techniques will carry me through life and allow me to be truly present in every moment, embrace my talents and gifts and relax and experience living life to its fullest potential, moment by moment!
Mary Schmidt Amons
Actress Castmember of Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of DC”
Simon’s ability to help you understand how your mind works and how to change it is incredible. Somehow, in 12 weeks, we undid nonproductive habits that had developed and been reinforced over decades. It’s like magic!
Senior Executive
Over my 40 plus year career, leadership development has been important to me, and I’ve practiced using variable training techniques. But I have to say, FocusLab is superior. Its combination of physical and mental relationships has made a significant difference in my memory, concentration, awareness and connectivity. Every CEO and senior leader should do this training. What a difference 12 weeks can make!
Dick Bergman
President Shoppers Food & Pharmacy
As a result of FocusLab training my mind is sharp and clear. The anxiety I used to experience leading up to a big event is gone. I can now perform with confidence, and I enjoy it in a whole new way.
Professional Athlete

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